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Confirmed 2020 Individual Competitors as of January 16, 2020

Note: Your name will appear on this list upon full confirmation which normally takes 3 days maximum. For Swim Zoning details, Click here
Race Number Last Name First Name Gender Category Country Team Name Zone
Saligumba Peter Male 18-24 Philippines
Salomon Orland Male 45-49 Philippines
Salvador Ralph Jerome Male 35-39 Philippines
Salvanera Hans Josef Male 35-39 Philippines TRIATHLON ASSOCIATION OF DAVAO (TRIAD)
Sambalilo Salvador Male 40-44 Philippines TEAM AFP
Sampaga Gene Gregor Male 35-39 Philippines TRITAFT
Samson Adel Male 55-59 Philippines PATENT-AMIGO TRI
San Agustin Enrique Lorenzo Male 40-44 Philippines
Sanchez Gian Carlo Male 40-44 Philippines ONE BUTUAN TRI TEAM
Sang Grace Female 40-44 Philippines TEAM HAIT